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GSB8-E Boiler

Vendor Lennox
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Worry-free performance

This boiler offer an efficiency rating of up to 82.7% AFUE, meaning it can deliver energy savings, compared to an older boiler. That means you can relax comfortably about your energy use. Up to 82.7% of fuel is converted into usable heat.

Smart design means reliable operation

  • An electronic ignition allows it to turn on only when heat is needed, and reduces the possibility for the flame to go out like a standard pilot light.
  • An automatic vent damper closes when the GSB8-E shuts off, preventing wasted heat.
  • Layers of thick fiberglass insulation minimize heat loss and on-off cycling.
  • Factory-installed safety switch protects against potentially dangerous low-water conditions.

Durable, dependable comfort

Long life and reliable operation are part of the GSB8-E’s design. That’s why it uses a cast-iron heat exchanger, titanium burners and an automatic low-water cutoff switch.

Versatility that’s always a perfect fit

This boiler works with your home’s existing radiator or under-floor heating system.

Choose your fuel source

The GSB8-E can use either LP gas or natural gas safely and efficiently. So you can choose whichever fuel is most cost-effective in your area. 


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